Southport Corridor Image

WELCOME TO Southport Corridor


Cards Against Humanity‘s Andy Kushnir’s take on the neighborhood: 

Oh so you cute and fancy, huh? Okaaaayyyyyyyy, I see you yoga pants! I see you $14 avocado toast! I see you drop-in Soul Cycle class! You have money and frankly most people are jealous. If you aren’t a young, put-together, well-dressed, eclectic, family unit, THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?! Even the Jewel-Osco is nice, which is literally a thing that doesn’t happen. Across the street check-out a movie at oh, WAIT, THE MUSIC BOX? Literally the world’s cutest movie theater?! Stroll down Southport and be careful not to snap your neck off craning at every extremely cute boutique jewelry and women’s leisure wear store. This neighborhood is basically a babies eating lemons video come-to-life. Good luck surviving this daily onslaught of adorability.