Edgewater Image

WELCOME TO Edgewater

Cards Against Humanity’s Andy Kushnir’s take on the neighborhood: 

Picture this: a neighborhood slapped together so haphazardly that it lacks any discernible identity worth mentioning. It’s like the founders of this area thought to themselves, “You know what every neighborhood needs? ONE THOUSAND HARDWARE STORES AND FOUR HUNDRED MID-CENTURY MODERN ANTIQUE SHOPS.” And for the low-low price of $250K for a 2 bedroom 1 bath 1,000 ft. condo you can live near all of this! Edgewater’s boundaries tend to be a bit nebulous so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Edgewater ends and a better neighborhood begins. If it helps you can think of it this way, Andersonville has the cute brunch places, Edgewater has a White Castle. If you do decide to make your way over to Broadway Ave. you will actually find a trio of incredible restaurants (Ethiopian Diamond, Mas Alla del Sol, and Mango Pickle) that are sure to make your acid reflux pop off and your booty go pow.